Tuesday, December 21, 2010

400,000 Baby Chicks Killed By Bankrupt Poultry Farm

400,000 Baby Chicks Killed By Bankrupt Poultry Farm: "
Dumping Baby Chicks

Photo: Dmitry Noskoff

Stephen Messenger writes in treehugger:

Poultry workers reportedly wept as they carried out their grim task — overseeing the death of about 400 thousand newborn chicks by drowning them in water or simply dumping them in rusty barrels outside where they would succumb to the freezing winter air. Around 600,000 more birds, housed at Russia’s Krasnaya Polyana poultry farm have died of malnutrition, and the lives of 3 million others await a similar fate. A $190,000 tax debt, says the farm, has forced them to declare bankruptcy, leading to this killing of chickens on a horrific scale.

The poultry farm, located in the region of Kursk, is owned by Russian parliament member Alexander Chetverikov — and he says declaring bankruptcy, which has forced the deaths of about 1 million chickens, was his only recourse after he became the target of a political conspiracy aimed at putting him in financial ruin.

Chetverikov, a member of the JustRussia party, says he ran a campaign to fight corruption in the region’s leading United Russia-lead government — and that, “they were looking for a possibility to settle their political and personal scores with me.”

But while the politician’s finances may have fallen victim to some shady political dealings, the millions of birds at his are the ones truly paying the price…

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