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‘Where It’s At’: 1969 TV show featuring interviews with legendary rockers

‘Where It’s At’: 1969 TV show featuring interviews with legendary rockers:

Here’s an segment that aired in 1969 from the short-lived Vancouver Television music series Where It’s At.

Hosted by local deejay Fred Latremouille, Where It’s At had a pretty hip format for the time - a little smarter and penetrating than most music series of the time…a rock and roll 60 Minutes.

Featuring The Grass Roots, The Beach Boys, Spencer Davis, John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jon Lord of Deep Purple, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Tommy James & the Shondells, The Seeds, Eric Burdon, Frank Sinatra Jr. and more.

The Grass Roots discussing Moby Grape and The Bosstown groups (Ultimate Spinach, Earth Opera, Beacon Street Union) as examples of bands killed by music hype still applies 42 years later.

Occupy Wall Street movement is growing rapidly

Occupy Wall Street movement is growing rapidly:

Pilots’ union members march on Wall Street. Photo via Dan Nguyen’s Flickr account

The Occupy Wall Street protest is reportedly rapidly gaining in number in lower Manhattan as unions and political action groups begin to show their support of the fledgling anti-capitalist movement. From Crains New York:

But as the action nears the start of its third week, unions and community groups are eager to jump on board. They are motivated perhaps by a sense of solidarity and a desire to tap into its growing success, but undoubtedly by something else too—embarrassment that a group of young people using Twitter and Facebook have been able to draw attention to progressive causes in a way they haven’t been able to in years.

The protestors have transformed the park into a village of sorts, complete with a community kitchen, a library, a concert stage, an arts and crafts center and a media hub. All of that has enabled them not just to sustain the action but to build momentum. And as celebrities like Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Russell Simmons and Cornel West have joined in, the city’s traditional activists have been forced to jump into the fray.

The protestors have transformed the park into a village of sorts, complete with a community kitchen, a library, a concert stage, an arts and crafts center and a media hub.

“It’s become too big to ignore,” said one political consultant.

Some of the biggest players in organized labor are actively involved in planning for Wednesday’s demonstration, either directly or through coalitions that they are a part of. The United Federation of Teachers, 32BJ SEIU, 1199 SEIU, Workers United and Transport Workers Union Local 100 are all expected to participate. The Working Families Party is helping to organize the protest and is expected to mobilize its extensive online regional networks to drum up support for the effort.

“We’re getting involved because the crisis was caused by the excesses of Wall Street and the consequences have fallen hardest on workers,” a spokesman for TWU Local 100 said.

Community groups like Make the Road New York, the Coalition for the Homeless, the Alliance for Quality Education and Community Voices Heard are also organizing for Wednesday’s action, and the labor/community coalitions United New York and Strong Economy For All are pitching in as well.

You can visit Occupy Together for more information on political manifestations in your area. If you live anywhere near the NYC metro area (that includes YOU, Philly, Jersey, Long Island, CT, etc) you might want to consider showing up yourself. If you live or work in Manhattan, for god’s sake at the very least have your lunch in Zuccotti Park… and bring some pizza for the people! (I live in Los Angeles, but will be in NYC next month for business. I plan to spend time at the protest while I am there).

As mentioned on Daily Kos and elsewhere, the pepper spray incident and the viral video of it have seen a sharp rise in Google searches for items related to the Occupy Wall Street protest. The message IS getting out there. Even Time magazine has reported on the movement—that means it’s officially mainstream news now. If unions and organized lefties start to show up in sizable numbers Zuccotti Park to voice their disapproval of the financial system, who knows what might happen next?

One thing is for sure, the numbers are rising steadily. The movement has vowed to stay throughout the winter months.

Below, Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi discusses the Occupy Wall Street movement with Keith Olbermann. Interestingly, Taibbi points out near the end that there are several Tea party and Ron Paul supporters protesting in Zuccotti Park

Via Daily Kos/Crains

Why I love Kate Beaton's "Hark! A Vagrant"

Why I love Kate Beaton's "Hark! A Vagrant":

On April 6, 1909, Robert Peary claimed to be the first person to reach the North Pole. Of course, there were some issues with his claim. For one thing, Inuit had almost certainly been through the area before. For another, a guy named Frederick Cook said he'd reached the Pole in 1908. And, last but not least, the first person to the Pole out of Peary's own party wasn't even Peary—it was Matthew Henson, an African American explorer, sailor, and navigator who actually planted the U.S. flag at the Pole while Peary was stuck in a dogsled, too sick and/or frostbitten to walk.

This is why I love cartoonist Kate Beaton, whose second collection, Hark! A Vagrant, was published this week.

There are precious few artists who would (or could) turn the story of Peary and Henson into a hilarious comic strip. And even fewer who could do that with a style that combines careful realism and broad-stroke cartoonery. Would the strip be as funny if Beaton wasn't able to shift so effortlessly from serious Henson in the top right panel to the muppetish grin he wears in the lower right? I doubt it.

Really, the contrasting style of art Beaton uses kind of sums up Hark! A Vagrant as a whole. This is a comic strip that seamlessly blends the high-brow with the madcap. Sirens make MySpace ducklips at a horrified Odysseus. A tiny version of Gene Simmons sews glam shoes for a medieval cobbler. Jules Verne sends creepy fan mail to Edgar Allen Poe. Canadian politicians take their marching orders from the cheerful ghosts of dead terriers.

This is a comic about not taking anything too seriously—even the things we love to geek out about.

I you don't already read Hark! A Vagrant online, you should. If you've been reading for a while, buy this book.

Police ask for help after woman reported missing along Highway of Tears

Police ask for help after woman reported missing along Highway of Tears:


Chrissy Sharon ALEXANDER, a 41 year old First Nations female in Prince George has not been seen by family or friends in about a week. ALEXANDER is described as being 163 cm (5’4”), 57 kg (126 lbs), with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes with glasses. RCMP are investigating the disappearance.

Photograph by: Handout, RCMP

Prince George RCMP is appealing to the public for help in locating a woman who went missing along the Highway of Tears.

Friends and family reported Chrissy Sharon Alexander, 41, missing on Sept. 27 after not having seen her in about a week.

Alexander is described as being first nations, five-foot four and 126 pounds, with shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes and glasses.

She usually goes by the name of Chris, and may be in the company of a man known only as “Nelson,” said Cpl. Craig Douglass of the Prince George RCMP in a statement.

The two may be linked to an older, white minivan.

Prince George is located along Highway 16, dubbed the Highway of Tears because dozens of teenage girls and young women have gone missing or were found murdered along it.

Many of the victims were first nations.

Up to 43 victims have gone missing along the highway, ranging in age from 14 to 25, according to North Coast MLA Gary Coons. Most were hitchhiking.

Anyone with information about Alexander, or where she might be, is asked to call Prince George RCMP at 250-561-3300. Those who wish to remain anonymous can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-TIPS, online at or text to CRIMES using the keyword “pgtips.”

© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

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How Everyone Can Help The Occupy Wall Street Movement

How Everyone Can Help The Occupy Wall Street Movement:

Occupy Wall StreetNatalie W writes at Capricious Yet Constant:

The mainstream media coverage is starting to focus on Occupy Wall Street movement with ABC News covering NYPD macing female protesters. A quick Google search will turn up about 1,000 blogs covering the nonviolent protest, centered around voicing the needs of 99 percent of the American people.

Occupy Chicago, sister to the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City, is a movement to raise political consciousness among the general public, showing that the government makes the decisions that affect us all simply do not have our best interests in mind. 99 percent of Americans are governed by the 1 percent of the super-rich class. We live this every day: in the broken justice system, the widening class gap and increased poverty and joblessness, corporations considered as people, corruption in politics and police, a lack of health insurance, unpopular wars waged in our name, and how the US perpetuates inadequacy worldwide.

This protest is for everyone from the college kids in debt to their eyeballs with no-job prospects, the out-of-work teachers who are watching their rights dwindle, the union supporters waiting for work, people who are laid off, the single parents who are out of options, the people who are ignored. We are all the 99 percent…

Read the full post at Capricious Yet Constant

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Sly Stone Is Homeless

Sly Stone Is Homeless:

It isn’t news that Sly Stone has had a horrible past several decades. Ravaged by drugs and paranoia, the Sly & the Family Stone frontman began deteriorating in the early 1970s and was barely appearing in public by the ’90s. But things seemed to be looking up for Stone in recent years — he has made brief stage appearances with The New Family Stone, granted a few interviews, and even released the collaborative album I’m Back! Family and Friends last month.

That’s why it’s shocking to see the New York Post report that Stone, who has spent much of his life in palatial California homes, is homeless and living in a camper van decorated with the words “Pleasure Way.” Although he wouldn’t let the paper’s reporter into the van, the 68-year-old musician professed to enjoy living in it. “I just do not want to return to a fixed home. I cannot stand being in one place. I must keep moving,” he said. It certainly stands to reason that a man who thinks he’s being chased by the government and hitmen would enjoy living in a mobile home, but it seems Stone isn’t exactly there by choice. According to him, it’s his $50 million fraud lawsuit against former manager Jerry Goldstein that caused him to lose a Napa Valley rental in 2009. [via NME]

Inquiry’s secret applications, secret discussions with police must end

Inquiry’s secret applications, secret discussions with police must end: The BCCLA is demanding the end of secret applications for standing and secret discussions between police, government and staff of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry.

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Arizona Man Gives The Best Description Of A Car Crash Ever

Arizona Man Gives The Best Description Of A Car Crash Ever: A Phoenix man became trapped inside his SUV on Thursday after he lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll over and strike a utility pole. In the process, the driver rear-ended another vehicle driven by a man named George Lindell, who later described the events in this amazing interview.

YouTube link

Editorial: Missing-women inquiry a sham

Editorial: Missing-women inquiry a sham:

SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 4:48 PM

It’s hard to get to the bottom of any problem — let alone make changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again — without the needed resources.

Wally Oppal’s inquiry into the Robert Pickton case, and the disappearance of 33 women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, lacks those resources. Its credibility and effectiveness are both in doubt. With its formal work due to start Oct. 11, it is time to ask whether it is even worth continuing with the inquiry.

Oppal’s assignment is to look at the reasons 33 women — marginalized, dealing with poverty, addiction or prostitution — could go missing in a five-year period without police recognition that a serial killer might be on the loose, why attempted murder charges were stayed against Pickton in 1998 and why he could kill with impunity for years.

The inquiry was announced on Sept. 9, 2010, more than two years after Pickton was convicted of six murders. Families of the missing women and advocacy groups were pleased that questions would finally be answered.

Its credibility was dealt a serious blow three weeks later, when the provincial government appointed Oppal, a former judge and former attorney general, to lead it. Oppal had been in the provincial cabinet until the 2009 election. He had downplayed the need for an inquiry, and his appointment raised immediate fears that this would not be a truly independent inquiry.

The inquiry’s mandate also limited potential recommendations around regional policing and the role of government policy toward the addicted and impoverished in the crimes.

The inquiry was dealt another hugely damaging blow in May. Oppal had approved legal standing and representation for the victims’ families and 13 groups dealing with sex trade workers, Downtown Eastside residents and aboriginal people, among others. Their participation was needed to make the inquiry effective, he said, and legal representation was required to allow them to participate.

The provincial government said no. The families could have one lawyer. The groups would not have legal representation, despite Oppal’s protests.

The police will have taxpayer-funded lawyers. So will prosecutors and politicians and government employees.

But not those speaking for the victims and the communities from which they came. Already, about half the groups have announced that they will not take part; more may follow. Oppal has attempted to provide some representation within his budget, but the inquiry is now further tainted, with the interests of the powerful clearly coming ahead of those of the powerless.

The process so far, combined with the foot-dragging leading up to the inquiry, suggests the government has no real interest in learning from these deaths, or acting to prevent similar killing sprees in future.

Consider another government’s response to another high-profile serial criminal, Paul Bernardo. Between May 1987 and December 1992, he sexually assaulted 18 women and killed three more in southern Ontario.

Bernardo was convicted in September 1995. That December, the Ontario government ordered a review and appointed Judge Archie Campbell to conduct it. He completed his work within seven months and the report was released inJuly 1996. The Ontario government announced immediately that it would act on his recommendations.

Campbell’s report was damning, and identified issues — like fractured policing — that later allowed Pickton to kill without detection. He cited several cross-jurisdictional cases — including serial killer Clifford Olson — and said the lack of communication and co-operation between law enforcement agencies was a factor in all of them.

Pickton’s victims were ignored, marginalized and abused in life. The government’s shoddy handling of the reluctantly called inquiry continues that abuse. If the government refuses to fund the inquiry adequately, it is unlikely to act on any recommendations.

It’s time to consider abandoning the inquiry. It has become a symbol of the grim reality that the government simply does not care about these victims, or the women who are at risk of a similar fate.

© Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist

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Vast Majority Of Israelis Want To Recognize Palestinian State, Poll Reveals

Vast Majority Of Israelis Want To Recognize Palestinian State, Poll Reveals:

tumblr_lrvryfI92b1qbkts6o1_500Regarding the question of Palestinian statehood, Barack Obama nows hold a position far to the right of the Israeli populace. Raw Story writes:

Nearly 70 percent of Israelis surveyed recently said that Israel should accept a Palestinian state if the United Nations chooses to recognize it, according to a report in Thursday’s edition of The Jerusalem Post.

The poll results fly in the face of American conservatives and even President Barack Obama, who have taken the lead in discouraging the U.N. from voting on the matter, claiming that it could threaten Israel’s security.

The study was carried out by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research. A further 83 percent of Palestinians said that turning to the U.N. for statehood is the right thing to do.

The United States has vowed to veto any request for Palestinian statehood at the Security Council, potentially sparking a new Middle East crisis. Tens of thousands of Palestinians took part in rallies to back the Palestinian leader on Wednesday.

For Obama, the confrontation is an embarrassment as 12 months ago he stood before the same assembly and called for Palestinian membership in the United Nations within a year.

What Would Drug Legalization Look Like?

What Would Drug Legalization Look Like?:

Cocaine-ProblemsSuppose we decriminalized hard drugs — heroin, cocaine, and all the rest? The Indypendent ponders the scenario and how we could make it work:

For heroin, says Eric Sterling, the conundrum is how much use would spread if “the price goes down and the ease of acquisition goes up,” but if a legal scheme set the price too high or made the restrictions too inconvenient, users would go back to the illegal market.

He posits a system in which “addiction management” specialists would supply enough drugs to keep addicts from getting sick, but would not tolerate criminal behavior. Rehab and counseling would be available, and addicts might also be required to work or go to school.

Switzerland, which had close to the highest rate of heroin addiction in Europe in the mid-’90s — with an estimated 30,000 addicts out of about 7 million people — has had some success with heroin maintenance. In 1994, it set up clinics where addicts could shoot up three times a day. By 2007, the number of drug-related deaths had fallen by half, the number of new addicts dropped dramatically, the number of drug-related HIV infections declined, and the open-air drug markets had disappeared, according to a study by Peter Reuter and Robert MacCoun, public-policy professors at the University of Maryland and the University of California at Berkeley respectively.

“Safe injection facilities to use should be part of every public health system,” says Joyce Rivera, executive director of St. Ann’s Harm Reduction Corner in the Bronx. In her experience, heroin users with jobs can manage work and social responsibilities, adapting their drug use “to their available time to self-sedate.”

Cocaine poses the most complex issues. Occasional users can do it relatively safely, but hardcore users often tend toward extreme binges rather than regular-dose addiction. That would make maintenance impractical.

“There is no treatment for crack/cocaine,” says Rivera. “In fact, there is no maintenance other than meds (licit and illicit), acupuncture, or some form of stress reduction to counter the dysphoria associated with over-depletion of dopamine receptors.” But, she adds, “Dysfunctional crack and cocaine use dramatically declined from the ’90s without treatment.”

The British group Transform UK, in its 2009 study “After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation,” suggests trying to move the cocaine market to milder forms such as coca energy drinks and tea.

That’s not necessarily wishful thinking. A general principle of prohibition is that it makes the most potent forms of a drug the most value-for-weight profitable for dealers. For users, that makes it more cost-effective to shoot heroin instead of smoking opium, to smoke crack instead of chewing coca leaves, and to drink whiskey instead of beer.

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Happy Birthday John Coltrane

Happy Birthday John Coltrane:


Happy Birthday John Coltrane, musician, composer, innovator, artist and space traveler, who rocketed “off the surface of the earth towards more specialized, little explored, and potentially dangerous atmospheres”.

Born today in 1926, Coltrane has been described as “the last great figure in the evolution of jazz”, who opened jazz up into a language of possibilities. He progressed from Be-Bop to Hard Bop to Free Style, and brought a spiritual sense to his music the culminated in his genius work Love Supreme.

Coltrane didn’t question his innate talent or technical brilliance, he allowed it to develop organically, seeing himself as part of a larger creative community as he descibed in a letter to Don DeMichael, in 1962:

The “jazz” musician (you can have this term along with others that have been foisted on us) does not have to worry about a lack of positive or affirmative philosophy. It’s built in us. The phrasing, the sound of the music attests this fact. We are naturally endowed with it. You can believe all of us would have perished long ago if it had not been so. As to community, the whole face of the globe is our community. You see, it is really easy for us to create. We are born with this feeling that just comes out no matter what conditions exist.


Truth is indestructible. It seems history shows (and it’s the same today) that the innovator is more often than not met with some degree of condemnation.; usually according to the degree of departure from the prevailing modes of expression or what have you. Change is always hard to accept. We also see these innovators always seek to revitalize, extend and reconstruct the status quo in their given fields, whatever is needed. Quite often they are rejects, outcasts, sub-citizens etc. of the very societies to which they bring so much sustenance. Often they are people who endure great personal tragedy in their lives. Whatever the case, whether accepted or rejected, rich or poor, they are forever guided by that great eternal constant - the creative urge.

Here’s Coltrane playing “My Favorite Things” - the crossover track that broke free of Be Bop, brought him a mainstream audience, and demonstrated complex harmonies and repetitions into “a hypnotic eastern dervish dance”.

Timothy Leary: New religion will be the religion of intelligence

Timothy Leary: New religion will be the religion of intelligence:

Oh that this were true…

Utah-based maverick filmmaker Trent Harris, who we recently covered on Dangerous Minds when we posted about his cult film The Beaver Trilogy, shot this forthright interview with psychedelic guru Timothy Leary in 1978, still railing against the powers that be even after his time spent in federal prison.

Amazing Rolling Stones jam session, 1972

Amazing Rolling Stones jam session, 1972:

Fly on the wall footage of the world’s greatest rock and rock band rehearsing in Montreux on May 21st, 1972, prior to their world tour of that year.

A little jazzy here:

An excellent laid-back jam:




“Some of my most outrageous nights– I can only believe actually happened because of corroborating evidence. No wonder I’m famous for partying! The ultimate party– if it’s any good– you can’t remember it.”


–Keith Richards



Keith Richards & Mick Taylor of The Rolling Stones on stage, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell


The Rolling Stones embarked on their 1972 American tour to support the release of Exile on Main Street– which in and of itself was a push into new territory for the band, both musically and commercially. What followed rewrote the game for The Stones and the music industry, and basically set the stage for a decade of big, balls-out tours that went from being simple promotional vehicles the pop culture events. Nothing like this had been done in Rock ‘n’ Roll prior and all subsequent tours would follow the ’72 tour blueprint for scale, attempted musicality, logistics, legal entanglements, drugs, women, hilarity, hangers-on, and general debauchery.


Mick Jagger & Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones on the STP tour, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell


After months in France at the now legendary Villa Nellcote recording Exile, Keith Richards (after being thrown out of France for drug charges) went to L.A. and there the album was remixed and completed for release in May of 1972. At this point a tour was in order. The Stones had not toured America since their Altamont disaster in 1969 (which led to heightened security– private planes, limos, and higher stages to reduce public access to the band), and being the biggest band in Rock and needing some cash, they set out to put together a tour like no other. What followed that June and July of ’72 is the stuff of legend. You could make the argument the overused term “party like a rock star” was born here. The private plane with the famous tongue logo, the glamorous celebrity hangers-on, the traveling press corps, the massive amount of drugs, and a much publicized four day orgy at the Chicago Playboy mansion are a few of the legendary tales to come out of the tour. The tour was covered by the press of the day like a Presidential election. What is interesting for me is that at this point the innocence of the 1960s, that somehow rock could change the world, was completely gone. The Stones killed it. The Stones were now a fully formed massive enterprise with the associated money deals, merchandising, and horde of lawyers, handlers, and spiritual advisors. This tour was not about changing the world– it was about money, fame, cynicism, celebrity and pushing the limits in every way possible. The “Me Decade” had officially begun.


Guitar virtuoso Mick Taylor of The Rolling Stones on the STP tour, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell


The Stones’ STP Tour brought together a blend of high and low society, almost unthinkable in rock music a mere 10 years earlier. Mick Jagger and wife Bianca were members of the global jet set. While there were other famous and glamorous frontmen, Mick was by this point at another level and his ego and paranoia grew along with it. The tour had a traveling press core– Truman Capote (by this point a total drunk and addicted to tranquilizers), Terry Southern, and Robert Greenfield all covered the tour for various news outlets. Even the Kennedys, who seem to pop up at every moment of cultural importance, followed the tour. Lee Radziwill and her husband, the artist Peter Beard, were after-party regulars. Capote, after focusing on New York society ladies, must have felt he had gone to Mars with this assignment, and left the tour (along with his own entourage) in New Orleans only to reappear at the final shows at Madison Square Garden. Southern, and especially Robert Greenfield, gave a more complete accounting of the tour and wrote some fine stuff.


Mick Jagger & Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones on the STP tour, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell


Every stop on the ’72 tour had its attendant bedlam in the form of crowd riots and arrests. Throw into this bubbling cauldron– Hells Angels putting a bounty on Mick’s ass over the lingering Altamont mess, Keith’s increasingly dark drug use and carrying a gun throughout most of the tour out of fear of the Angels as well, the verbal needling between dueling divas Bianca Jagger and Anita Pallenberg, Mick & Keith getting thrown in jail in Rhode Island for getting into a fight with photographer Andie Dickerman– and you have Rock ‘n’ Roll my friends!


Frontman Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones on the insane STP tour, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell


Interestingly, The Stones (& company) were probably never better musically– once they all got into their groove. With the swirl around them, they were dialed-in on stage. During the Exile recording The Stones brought in a lot of supporting musicians, and driven by Keith, really stretched themselves musically. The horn player Bobby Keys was the greatest example of a great supporting player who would become part of the inner circle and would be a key contributor to The Stones’ sound in the 1970s. Robert Greenfield summed up the tour best, “The musicians completely locked into one another and on time, like a championship team in its finest most fluid moments. But only the people, who listen, like Ian Stewart, and the Stones themselves and their supporting musicians, are aware of the magic that’s going down. Everyone else is either worrying about logistics or trying to get off.”

Indeed, indeed…

–Eli M. Getson


1972– Mick Taylor and Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones perform with Stevie Wonder at Madison Square Garden. The concert was the final performance of the group’s 30 city, 3 month tour of the United States and Canada. –Image by © Bettmann/Corbis



Frontman Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones on the insane STP tour, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell



A view of Mick Jagger from the crowd on the Stones’ American tour, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell



Mick Jagger on the harmonica. The Rolling Stones N. American tour, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell



Mick Jagger, Mick Taylor & Keith Richards on the infamous STP tour, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell



Mick Jagger and Bobby Keys on stage during the STP American tour, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell



The Rolling Stones onstage during the infamous STP American Tour, 1972 –Image by © Ethan Russell


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Becky Fischer of ‘Jesus Camp’ infamy teaches kids to ‘raise the dead’

Becky Fischer of ‘Jesus Camp’ infamy teaches kids to ‘raise the dead’:

“I command you to come back to life in the name of Jesus!”

Creepy Pentecostal kids minister Becky Fischer, as seen in the documentary Jesus Camp, was somehow allowed into the Republic of Singapore recently where she offered her “special” Christianist skull-fucking to a group of defenseless children. Seen here, Fischer teaches children how to raise the dead!

Fischer, whose ministry has been described as fundamentalist “brain washing” or “child abuse” by many people, believes in speaking in tongues, exorcism, battling everyday “demons” and THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. She’s a brainless bigot who should not be allowed near children. Imagine what the parents of these kids must’ve thought seeing this video after the fact… Oddly, after all the mockery, abuse and criticism aimed at Fischer after Jesus Camp, these videos were posted on her own YouTube channel. You’d think she’d be more circumspect about how she shares “the good word.”

This is all kinds of wrong. You really have to see it to believe it. At around 6 minutes in this Christian, uh, liar, basically, tells the children that she knows kids who have prayed dead pets back to life.

Via Christian Nightmares

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Another heartbreaking gay teen suicide

Another heartbreaking gay teen suicide:

Jamey Rodemeyer, 14, of Buffalo, NY is the latest victim of teen bullying. He was taunted with hateful cyberbullying posts like “JAMIE IS STUPID, GAY, FAT ANND UGLY. HE MUST DIE!” and “I wouldn’t care if you died. No one would. So just do it smile It would make everyone WAY more happier!”

If this is the kind of stuff these bullies would write, you can only guess at what they said to his face.

“I always say how bullied I am, but no one listens,” Jamey wrote online on September 9th. “What do I have to do so people will listen to me?”

Just over one week later, Jamey was found dead outside his home of an apparent suicide.

In the months prior, he routinely blogged about school bullying and thoughts of suicide in between upbeat posts about his pop star idol Lady Gaga and the ordinary types of teen rants typical for kids his age.

On Sept. 8, he wrote: “No one in my school cares about preventing suicide, while you’re the ones calling me [gay slur] and tearing me down.”

Jamey made an “It Gets Better” video earlier this year. It’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Read more about the short life and tragic death of Jamey Rodemeyer at the Buffalo News.

Via Joe.My.God

The Legend of Leigh Bowery

The Legend of Leigh Bowery:


The Legend of Leigh Bowery is a brilliant documentary about a brilliant man.

Directed by Charles Atlas, the film covers Bowery’s life and times from his suburban beginnings in Sunshine, Australia, to his fame on London’s club scene in the 1980s and his success as one of the most influential and daring fashion designers in the past thirty years.

The Legend of Leigh Bowery has incredible archive footage and excellent contributions from Michael Clark, Sue Tilley, Michael Bracewell, Richard Torry, Donald Urquhart, Damien Hirst, Boy George and Leigh’s wife, Nicola Bowery.

Previously on Dangerous Minds

Leigh Bowery interviewed by Gary Glitter from ‘Night Network’, 1989

Life First, Money Second: John Lydon interview from 1990

Life First, Money Second: John Lydon interview from 1990:


John Lydon must get fed up being asked the same olde questions year-after-year by interviewers who should know better. Just see how many interviews over the past thirty years have kicked-off with rumors of a Sex Pistols reunion, as if Lydon has done nothing since the summer of 1977, and then ask whether he’s still Punk and why isn’t PiL any good?

Understandable, therefore, that Lydon is often contemptuous of those who pose such dumb questions.

That said, I sometimes think Lydon’s aggressive behavior stems from a genuine shyness, as he displays a set of tics and mannerisms consistent form his first appearance on Bill Grundy’s infamous swearfest. You’ll recognize them - the mumbling, the staring, the dismissal of questions with the word “Next” - all used to deflect the more personal probing. Oo-er.

We can see examples of both here in this short interview with Jonathan Ross, from his chatshow The Last Resort in 1990.

It begins with Lydon antsy as Ross reels off cue card questions about The Sex Pistols. Lydon is dismissive, which is interesting in light of the Pistols reunion later in the decade.

When questioned about the rumors of a reunion for £6million, Lydon says he wishes such offers would be given to him direct. Even so, he wouldn’t reform the Sex Pistols at any price.

“I would never repeat myself. And I think everybody knows that about me. You may not like me, but at least I am damned honest.”

He is harsh on Sid Vicious, defending his comments as honesty.

“When you start messing with heroin, you’re kissing goodbye to your life, and good riddance too.”

Fair commnent, but I tend to agree with Oscar Wilde that sometimes honesty is not the best policy, and the truth is never simple.

As for Malcolm McLaren he is dissmissed as “an imitation alcoholic”.

He lightens up about his brief acting career in the Harvey Keitel film Order of Death, going on to tell how he was offered “the ratty little git” in Drugstore Cowboy, a part he would have taken but couldn’t because of commitments. Shame for it would have been interesting casting.

The end cuts off just as Lydon gives a 4-word summing up:

“Life first. Money second.”

A nice thought, which reminded me of Picasso’s line about wealth: how it was always best to be rich enough to live poor. O, that we should be so lucky.

Bonus clip of Lydon interviewed by Margenta Devine from Network 7, from 1987, where the same questions about Sex Pistols, Punk and what he’s been up to all come to the fore. Lydon sticks to his honesty and having fun routine.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Police Continue Crackdown on Wall Street, Facebook Users Allege Censorship

Police Continue Crackdown on Wall Street, Facebook Users Allege Censorship:


For the breaking developments on this ongoing citizens action, please check the main hashtag for this peaceful demonstration here:!/OccupyWallStNYC

Reports are coming in fast and furious from NYC Disinfonauts about the breakup of the ongoing actions in downtown Manhattan today. Numerous advocacy and citizens’ action groups came together beginning on Saturday to protest the ongoing consolidation of wealth from citizens to corporations, using the backdrop of the financial district to attempt to gain the attention of the national and international news media, located a scant 40 blocks north fo their efforts, but the media blackout continues.

Taken from the Adbusters / OWS website Occupy Wall Street:

Three hundred spent the night, several hundred reinforcements arrived the next day and as we write this, the encampment is digging in for a long-term stay. Now, it is crucial for everyone from all over the world to flock to the encampment. Call in to work sick, invite your friends and hop on a bus or plane to New York City.

Peaceful demonstrators who wrote on the pavement with chalk were arrested for damaging sidewalks.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the NYPD resorted to arresting peaceful demonstrators who were wearing bandanas by enforcing a 150-year-old statute banning masked protests.

Some protesters have been posting their images on Facebook and users claim that individual comments, not the entire threads are being moderated as they are posted, but we don’t have confirmation on this online aspect of the story.

You can assist these peaceful real-world activists and patriots by supporting them on all forms of social media and passing along their message:


Occupy Wall Street FB page