Monday, February 7, 2011

Cute UBB Quotes

Cute UBB Quotes: "Contributor: 'YYC'

'The more you limit my bandwidth, the more free time I have to protest'
Image: CPP Photo

Hey, it worked in Egypt, eh?

From a Globe opinion piece:
'Whenever you watch a panda roll down a hill on YouTube, a billion pixels are set free.'

Yes, the Internet is fathomless, but so is corporate greed.

Most partisan headline:
Tories side with consumers in clash over Internet billing

Both Liberals and NDP also side with consumers - ah, the pungent odour of election campaign.
Canadians face year of unending political pitches

Remember the report that the fed guv would overturn the CRTC ruling? Well, the CRTC has its pride:

CRTC conducting UBB review ASAP
According to von Finckenstein, the CRTC isn’t conducting the review because Harper and Clement demanded it.

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