Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trevor Blake: Review, Surviving in Prison

Trevor Blake: Review, Surviving in Prison: "

Harold S. Long

Surviving in Prison

Port Townsend, Washington: Loompanics Unlimited, 1990

Surviving in Prison is a record of one man’s experiences in prison, offered as a guide for physical survival in a system designed to break and control lives.

The book describes prison from conviction to incarceration to the hole. It describes the inhumanity of prisons, the humiliation and the petty rules that demand exaggerated penalties for violation. The factual nature of the writing, presented without evaluation in the knowledge that the horrors of prison speak for themselves, are so descriptive that one feels the shutting off of light and hope as they are systematically removed from the author.

This book is of great utility to anyone who believes they might end up in prison for any reason, or who is a supporter of prisoners’ rights. It is far outside the arena of “political correctness.” Prisons do not make such subtle distinctions in their oppression and the author does not either. This book proves most completely that there is no life in prison, only survival, and the insight the author has to survival in prison is of unique value.

from OVO 11 CONTROL (September 1991)


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