Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How Everyone Can Help The Occupy Wall Street Movement

How Everyone Can Help The Occupy Wall Street Movement:

Occupy Wall StreetNatalie W writes at Capricious Yet Constant:

The mainstream media coverage is starting to focus on Occupy Wall Street movement with ABC News covering NYPD macing female protesters. A quick Google search will turn up about 1,000 blogs covering the nonviolent protest, centered around voicing the needs of 99 percent of the American people.

Occupy Chicago, sister to the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City, is a movement to raise political consciousness among the general public, showing that the government makes the decisions that affect us all simply do not have our best interests in mind. 99 percent of Americans are governed by the 1 percent of the super-rich class. We live this every day: in the broken justice system, the widening class gap and increased poverty and joblessness, corporations considered as people, corruption in politics and police, a lack of health insurance, unpopular wars waged in our name, and how the US perpetuates inadequacy worldwide.

This protest is for everyone from the college kids in debt to their eyeballs with no-job prospects, the out-of-work teachers who are watching their rights dwindle, the union supporters waiting for work, people who are laid off, the single parents who are out of options, the people who are ignored. We are all the 99 percent…

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