Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Watch The Melvins live at Hellfest 2011 in full

Watch The Melvins live at Hellfest 2011 in full:

Poster by Alan Forbes, from Secret Serpent blog.

That’s some heaaavy shit. A full length, hour-long video of the original stoner/sludge/grunge/whatever rock icons The Melvins playing at France’s Hellfest earlier this year. Now with added second drummer for extra impact - ooft! I have yet to experience these guys live, but after seeing this I will be ordering tickets for their next tour later this afternoon. Setlist:

Hung Bunny

Roman Bird Dog

The Water Glass

Evil New War God

It’s Shoved



Second Coming

Ballad of Dwight Fry



Honey Bucket

With Teeth

Sweet Willy Rollbar


Night Goat

Thanks to Lee Mann and uploader EvilManTheOne.

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