Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Misfits Are Still Doing Stuff Without Danzig

The Misfits Are Still Doing Stuff Without Danzig: "

Last time anyone checked in with the reconstituted Misfits, they were but a feckless trio being lead across the globe on a never-ending tour by founding member Jerry Only (now handling bass AND vocal duties). A new single, the very meh “Land of the Dead”, arrived in October of last year, suggesting the band were on the cusp of releasing their first full-length since 2003′s abominable Project 1950. A whole year went by with no real news, and most die-hard fiends assumed Jerry had made enough scratch from touring to pay his second mortgage.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the Misfits are not about to fade into the ether Marty McFly-style. A couple weeks ago, Jerry Only spoke to BlairingOut.com, making it clear that the Misfits are stronger than ever and a new album entitled The Devil’s Rain is on its way. Unfortunately, beloved Misfits/Black Flag drum god Julio Roberto Valverde Valencia—Robo for short—will not be along for the ride. According to Only, Robo’s ongoing passport issues made touring a nightmare.

“We had to let Robo go because of his Colombian passport,” Only told BlairingOut.com. “It’s bad…it’s like a rain cloud that follows us around any time we go to different countries, especially in Europe. All at once certain countries won’t let him in. That immediately cancels shows and immediately changes all our flight itinerary and things like that, and it’s a big loss of money…it came to a point in the road where we just couldn’t deal with it.”

Replacing Robo is Eric “The Goat” Arce from Murphy’s Law, although from this point forward, Arce will be known as “The Chupacabra.” As Only puts it, “[Eric] needs a monster name now that he’s with us.”

Newsflash: Jerry Only is not a monster name. Dez Cadena is not a monster name (although I guess Dez gets a pass because he wears all that stupid corpse paint now). The Misfits isn’t even really a monster name. Just let “The Goat” be “The Goat,” Jerry! Come on already with this nonsense! Oh, and stop saying you chose The Devil’s Rain as a title because it was a Shatner movie. Everyone knows your original singer used that phrase in “Skulls”, a.k.a. the most popular Misfits song Metallica never covered of all-time. If you’re gonna piggyback, just admit to piggybacking. Sheesh.


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  1. I saw them this summer and they were amazing