Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anti-gay TV commercial is not an Onion parody (although it’s difficult to tell)

Anti-gay TV commercial is not an Onion parody (although it’s difficult to tell): "

This is not a parody, even though it’s kind of, sort of… (not really) funny. I guess it’s laugh at it funny.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s also vile and pure evil, but this puppy is also so patently ridiculous that it’s very, very close to being a self-parody. Crank up the volume on the absurdities therein about 5%—not even—and it could be an Onion video.

But it’s not.

Note that the name to send the money to is that of loathsome bigot, Sid Roth, a Jew for Jesus-type who is the host of his own idiotic Christianist pukefest called It’s Supernatural! The book was written by his frequent guest and crony, Dr. Michael Brown.

For quite reasonable, uh, reasons, I normally strongly suspect all anti-gay Christianists of being closet cases themselves. The more they are against gay rights, I say the more likely they’re smoking “Tina” with rent boys. It seems to be a natural law or something, doesn’t it? For the record, though, I don’t feel this way about Sid Roth. I don’t think Roth is a closeted gay man at all. I just think Sid Roth is a fucking idiot.

In the end, it’s assholes like Sid Roth, his buddy Michael Brown and the likes of Bryan Fischer and Tony Perkins who are their cause’s own worst enemies. They themselves are actually hastening the day when homosexual men and women across America will have the same civil rights that the rest of us enjoy. By consistently turning out hateful, idiotic nonsense like this, they are performing the same task for today’s younger people—who will want NOTHING to do with Christianity if this is how it defines itself—as those hateful little Chick Christian comics did for my generation. I’ll say it again: It’s guys like this, who by virtue of being so repulsive and bigoted, simply turn young people off Christianity altogether.

No matter what these guys come up with, our side always wins in the end: Because they are wrong.

Bonus moronic Sid Roth clip: “Man Proves Hell is Real (Includes Live Action Hell)”

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