Saturday, July 30, 2011

‘Hoffman’s Potion’: LSD now more than ever

‘Hoffman’s Potion’: LSD now more than ever: "

This wonderfully insightful documentary on one of the 20th centuries most significant discoveries will make you long for the day when pharmaceutical-quality LSD is once again made available to adults who want to experience it. As humanity seems to be on a de-evolutionary course, the responsible and conscious use of LSD may be one of the only genuinely effective antidotes to what ails us.

Forget Prozac, Klonapin, alcohol and TV, let’s legalize Hoffman’s potion and re-awaken the beauty at the core of who we all are.

And for you naysayers who still think LSD was some badass hippie shit with little or no redeeming qualities, get off your computers now. Without acid, this technology we’re using at this very moment would probably not exist as it does in its present form. Suggested reading: click here.


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