Thursday, July 28, 2011

Never Mind the Bhangra Here’s Opium Jukebox

Never Mind the Bhangra Here’s Opium Jukebox: "


Formed by Martin Atkins (ex-Public Image Ltd drummer, and member of Killing Joke, Ministry and PIgface), Opium Jukebox are a Bhangra tribute band, who released some rather stonking cover albums of the Sex Pistols (Never Mind the Bhangra Here’s Opium Jukebox), The Rolling Stones (Sticky Bhangra), Black Sabbath (Bhangra Bloody Bhangra), and a rather fab industrial compilation of various artistes including Nirvana, Soft Cell and Gary Numan, Music to Download Pornography By.

Well worth getting acquainted with, so here’s a small selection of their covers:

“Anarchy in the UK” - Opium Jukebox

“God Save the Queen” - Opium Jukebox

“Paint it Black” - Opium Jukebox

“Iron Man” - Opium Jukebox

With thanks to Marcel Lechump


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