Thursday, August 11, 2011

After the London Riots: ‘These are your Police’

After the London Riots: ‘These are your Police’: "


Go for a walk in London and you’ll be filmed by over 300 CCTV cameras - all without your permission. The footage is then used by various groups and authorities, including the Metropolitan Police Service, Transport for London and a number of London boroughs, who share the CCTV images between them.

But if you turn the tables and film the Metropolitan Police, this is what can happen, as RafousE16 found out:

Was on the barking road recording the police searching a young black male and watch how they reacted and what they did to me and you wonder why the youth are rioting police need to protect us no man handle people like they are doing. Also to add I am not black I am quarter cast and this shows you don’t need dark skin to be man handled…


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