Thursday, August 25, 2011

DTES slander

DTES slander: It's always easiest to pick on the weakest, poorest kid on the block, and today's tweet from the NPA hardly sets them aside from schoolyard bullies.

Is it a "neighbourhood of pimps, dealers, needles and violence"? Can be.

Is that all? Hardly. Is it the majority? Not even close.

This is the kind of neighbourhood description that leads to human rights abuses of Canada's largest off-reserve aboriginal population.

This is the kind of dehumanizing description that leads to even more neglect and stigmatization of people with mental health and addiction issues.

This is the kind of description that leads to the mass eviction of the poor, for their own good.

Let's stop pretending the DTES is a partisan issue, and work together on solutions. I just hope this isn't the NPA election slogan.

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