Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The London Riots, A Few Things to Consider

The London Riots, A Few Things to Consider: "

The riots here are disgusting. Nothing political. Just blatant looting and mob mentality. But the underlying causes are socio-economic. A Brit ‘carry on’ mentality is starting to replace the middle-class panic though. Hopefully this will forestall the right-wing ‘suspend all civil liberties’ backlash. – Chris Port

The mainstream media is calling them thugs. This is misleading propaganda with the utility of controlling unrest and protecting the state that serves the elite in society. These are young people who have had it with the betrayals by the state. Perhaps they do not truly know why they are doing this but one thing is certain. They know something is very wrong. Perhaps they have come to the realization that freedom and democracy are only an illusion and they are after all, 21st Century slaves.

Ordinary working people, the destitute, and the poor section of society are having their livelihoods snatched from them amidst an aggressive fascist government controlled by wealthy bankers. The flashpoint may have merely been a bungled police assassination operation that has by now ignited a whole section of society to revolt and protest. Some people would say rioters are socially and economically depressed people or hooligans, but this is not entirely true. However, this completely ignores the reality that this wasn’t only triggered by the shooting of Mark Duggan. This may have triggered the retaliation of many of these people; however it may also have been due to increasing tensions that led to a perfect excuse to make certain that government turns it’s head towards this ignored segment of society. It is not that these people haven’t much to lose, and they don’t have anything political or logical to fight for or that they can’t be reasoned or negotiated with. They just want their voices heard and their votes and taxes represented.

The media is skewing this as always. It ignores the cause that is rooted in a social breakdown from the deplorable conditions in which many Londoners live. It also fails to reveal that one in two children in Tottenham live in poverty. This area controls 90% of the heroin market in the United Kingdom. Last month alone they had 1 homicide, 439 reported cases of violent crime, 16 reported rapes, 154 burglaries, 110 reported cases of domestic violence, and 9,451 out of work residents, which is a 26% increase since figures were published in March.

Two months ago, 2000 residents of Haringey marched on Scotland Yard. The peaceful protest received absolutely zero coverage. No one noticed it until they burned down a Krispy Kreme. There may be many opportunist criminals among them that have no political reason for being on the streets, but the underlying cause is being completely ignored and the focus is instead on the annoyance that it is causing the middle classes.

Prime Minister David Cameron needs to focus on why people are rioting and not just claim, “Oh they’re mindless and future-less scumbags.” As the article, Are You a Free Thinker?, asserts: The cold reality is that the state deliberately perpetuates policies that lead to unemployment, homelessness, crime, substance abuse, maladies, division, and anxiety and insecurity among the general public. It does this to justify a need for social services, law enforcement, tax increases, authoritative control, and many other socialist policies and programs. This is how government protects itself.

Jaspreet Gill


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