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As in Egypt ...

As in Egypt ...: "Contributor: 'YYC'

Can Egyptians Revolt?
'The traditional wisdom has always been that Egyptians don't revolt simply because they are an agricultural society. Farmers require stability and patience to tend their land.

'Farmers also need a strong central government to protect them against natural disasters, such as floods and droughts.

'Egypt is no longer an agricultural society.'

'... In the 1990s Mubarak was forced to speed up the privatisation process under the pressure of a daunting foreign debt crisis and foreign international lending organisations, such as the World Bank and the IMF, who made privatisation a pre-condition for aid.'
Egypt is a classic case of shock doctrine - the World Bank and the IMF taking advantage of a nation's vulnerability by appealing to the greed of a few power seekers.
'After privatisation, the new business elite gained control over millions of workers or potential voters who used to work for the public sector in the past. The new wealthy elites can now buy the loyalty and votes of millions of private sector workers through wages and other economic benefits. They also have much needed cash to support their political campaigns and their parties if needed.'
So in Canada ...

Walmart to open 40 supercenters, to add jobs

And to destroy other jobs by killing smaller businesses. Have you noticed that every small town looks the same now as you enter it by bus or train? McDonald's, WalMart, Home Depot ...

All you have to do is look at the crappy Mexican and American produce at the supermarket to know that we're not an agricultural country. Can Canadians revolt? Are we prepared for this? Are we prepared to die, as in Egypt (VIDEO) and Tunisia (VIDEO)?

Did you notice in the Egypt video that in the areas where some vandalism was done, there were few protesters? It's the same here in Canada. Most people want peaceful protest, but the police are not 'peaceful'. They are no longer there to serve and protect us and our so-called democratic freedoms; their job is to support the power structure, whether good or downright evil.

VIDEO: G20 scenes of police brutality

NOTE: There's a unique analysis of our justice system near the end of this video.

Related: Tunisia Wants to Arrest Deposed President
Included: Video of Tunisian protest. Again, fewer protesters in areas where people are shown throwing rocks at police.

The Tunisia article tickles my fancy. There are so many 'leaders' I'd like to see arrested. The Tunisian president's promised concessions are way too little, way too late.

Walmart Image borrowed from here: My Walmart Dilemma

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