Monday, January 31, 2011

Glenn Beck’s American Ark

Glenn Beck’s American Ark: "We sit in the dim light of the theater, waiting for the full measure of entertainment and enlightenment the $18 ticket entitles us to. The cost is about double that of other movies, but we have been promised a plan to restore 'trust, truth, and treasure' to the homeland. How can you put a price tag on that? After the final preview fades, across the screen flashes a list of the ways that American government is broken. A pregnant silence follows, then the question: 'Had enough yet?' Enter Glenn Beck, our host for the evening, dressed in a purple sweater, jeans and Chuck Taylors. Beck is a former alcoholic and addict who was driven to the brink of suicide under the ministrations of 'Dr. Jack Daniels' before sobering up and finding religion (Mormonism) in the late 1990s. Now a hero to Red America as the host of an early evening show on Fox News, Beck has promised to uncork some hard truths for our edification. But for now he just lets the love wash over him, mugs for the cameras, and grins. This special December screening is the video companion to Broke, Beck's October 2010 book, which will sell about…


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