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Unemployment: Recipe for Unending War?

Unemployment: Recipe for Unending War?: "Contributor: 'YYC'

Egypt: 'This is a massacre'
The 18 million residents of this sprawling city awoke Saturday to find not a police officer in sight. Some had shed their uniforms and left them abandoned the street where protesters picked them and waved them gleefully on sticks.

Maybe if the Toronto G20 protesters had been ready to stay in the streets until they were heard, and had been desperate enough to risk life and limb, as the Egyptians have (100 dead so far), the police and government might have been worn down. But in Canada we have only weekend protesters.

I suppose that's because because so many of the organizers have day jobs, but I'd be willing to bet that many of the youthful attendees don't, although obviously things have not yet reached the sorry pass of the youth of Egypt.

There appears, however, to be a high degree of political lethargy among Canadian youth, and Obama-style hypnosis of young people (false promises of jobs and reduced tuition fees?) may be the goal in the next election :

Elections Canada takes aim at disengaged young Canadians
Only 37.4 per cent of voters ages 18 to 24 cast ballots in the 2008 federal election. Turnout by young voters has been dropping steadily since the 1960s, when about seven in 10 of those eligible to vote for the first time went to the polls.

The jobless numbers are growing here, and one hopes that our politicians will take note of what happens when things get too desperate in the general population. Right now we have an ingenious way of diguising the true numbers of unemployed - by counting only those on Unemployment Insurance not those whose insurance has run out, but who is really fooled by that?

Yes, I know our politicians have taken to calling it 'Employment' Insurance, but they exist in 1984 whereas I not only remember the past, but also live in the present, and can recognize newspeak when I hear it. The true numbers will be patently revealed when unemployed workers take en masse to the streets, like their Egyptian counterparts.

Then, of course, the MSM will show pictures of looting and burning, painting the 'mobs' as vandals and savages, while the police commit (VIDEO) their own brand of vandalism and savagery on the bodies of peaceful dissidents.

VIDEO: Obama's hypocritical instruction manual on how to handle protesters

Looting in Egypt?
Al-Jazeera is reporting that apprehended looters were in possession of central security services IDs and government issued weapons.

Watch the latest developments in Egypt live on Aljazeera

VIDEO: Former CIA agent on FOX: 'I think you can write off the peace process forever'

Question: Isn't unending war the goal of the global agenda?

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